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Please Read Carefully 


Our retainer fee is final. We do require a payment of 75% of the product cost upfront to start any projects and provide services. A retainer is by default non-refundable and is not returned. Once payment is made, we will begin the design process. Please be sure and review our policies for logos, websites, and any other design material we offer. They provide the number of revisions you will receive, the estimated turn-around time, pricing, and what is needed of you to make this design process go smoothly. You will be emailed an invoice. If the client is satisfied with the final product, you may make the final payment. Once the final payment is made you will receive your materials. This includes digital files, images, and mock-ups. ( If it applies to your package. ) 

If there is anything you do not understand about any of our policies please ask. We want our clients to be fully aware of what to accept and what they will be receiving once the design process is completed. 


As of now, we accept Paypal or Cash App as far as a payment. We will be able to accept visa and credit cards as of January 2021. Our payment information is linked to the site, so you may now pay online.

+ PayPal is a simple, convenient way to make payments online and allows you to use your credit card. You do not need a Paypal account to make payments with credit or debit cards. 


All prices listed on our website are in US dollars. 


You can make cancellations at any time. Please keep in mind that the 
deposit is non-refundable.

+ If you have made a deposit on a project, but haven't communicated with our team after 65 days, your contract will be void. You will not be given a refund and must pay a fee if you would to utilize our services again.


We reserve the right to add completed projects to our portfolio. If there is a privacy issue involved, please inform us.



Your website will be designed through Wix. I design customized templates and add your content only. I focus on the solid base of content, both written and visual​​(images, etc.). 

Wix has many features. SEO plan to get your website found on Google. Depending on your payment plan you are able to add video backgrounds and scroll effects. The site is mobile-friendly. You will be able to set up a store selection booking, payment options, and sell products. 

However, I do want to clarify you will be responsible for purchasing your Wix plan and your own domain name. I will show you how to connect your domain name to your site. It is quite easy. ( I recommend purchasing your domain name via )

If you decide not to purchase a domain name, it will say along with your desired site’s name.  This is how the domain name will read as follows 

( ex : )


Graphic designs created at our studio are custom-created and exclusive to each business.  Any concepts that are not chosen and paid for will be a violation of our graphic design rights if they are used elsewhere.


Once a design process has begun, a deposit has been made and concepts have been developed you may not switch to another design package: Especially, if the following applies : 


+ If the package deal is of lesser value than the one you currently have.

+ If the package deal is 35 % to 50% completed. 

+ If you received a discounted price on your branding package.


So, please be sure you have chosen the right branding package that fits your brand before me we start.   

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