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So, Who Is Ashley Neville? Find Out!

So, who am I?

Let me introduce myself!

To keep it short and sweet, I will do a brief introductory about my expertise and why I become a brand strategist. My name is Ashley Neville. I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Brand Strategist. I am a small business owner currently based in Durham, North Carolina. After starting my graphic design company ( Ashlaine Designs LLC ) two years ago, I have developed a successful business in the design industry.

I have worked on over 500 logo designs as well as rebranded companies. I have successfully managed graphic design projects from corporate to individual organizations. I work closely with clients to create a vision and conceive design concepts.

My motto is to effectively build, motivate, and create unique designs to establish your brand.

I become a graphic designer because art is what gives me peace and what keeps me moving forward. This is why I decided to pursue a degree in graphic design. I absolutely enjoy what I do. One thing that sets me apart is my ability to not follow trends but, try to be authentically me. My design style is very diverse. It can be clean, professional, modern, bold, fun, whacky, and unique. A lot of graphic designers aren't artists so that also gives me some leverage. Being an entrepreneur is a lot of hard work. Days when I wanted to give up or take off, I didn't. I wasn't where I wanted to be, so I had to take the proper steps to get where I am now. It took a lot of discipline and some isolation in order to accomplish my goals. However, it was the best decision I ever!

I look forward to working with each and everyone of you! Be sure to check out my weekly blog every Monday for tips, entrepreneurship branding, life lessons and more!

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